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Writing down your feelings and burning them. Above all, you need a mate who can keep up with your potent and sometimes volatile emotions. Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn ground you, though you may find some tension with Taurus. You have a karmic link with Libras, who understand your need to bond on a soul level, but the other air signs are too detached for your taste. Your powers of attraction also extend to attracting just the right friend or colleague for the latest growth phase in your life.

For that reason, you can be tough to get to know, so you often have to make the first move by revealing an enticing story or secret. The best thing a Scorpio parent can instill in their children is ambition. Encourage their curiosity and give them tools to investigate topics they love, like library trips and museum visits. Scorpio parents are almost psychic in their ability to intuit what their child needs at any given moment.

The difficulty comes with allowing your little one to experience the struggles of growing up without stepping in too soon. Next up: Born under the Libra sign? MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. Wellness Friendships. Product Disclosure. Nothing with you is just surface level, which is why people find you so fascinating.

Related Stories. He moved 2 hours away but we still text randomly.

The Complete Guide To Scorpio Personality Traits

Mostly flirting and he declared his love for me. I have issues with some things: he is so secretive and always has been. He and I have been thru a lot so this hurts me. Would he lie to me?

He also told me how much he appreciates the fact that I trust him and see him for who he is. The guy is draining me He ignores texts constantly when I ask him to meet me. If u love me just meet me for coffee. His ignoring texts is just ridiculous and then he pops back up like nothing happened. He always has an excuse!! Should I just back off? Feeling happy, by knowing about me, thank you for giving more information about scorpio. One of my good friends is a Gemini and I am Scorpio. This is a good friendship once I understood the way he views life A friendship I treasure.

Scorpio man who liked me moved way too fast, played too many games and was just very insecure and extremely sensitive. He only talked about himself, never asked me personal questions, yet became very angry, verbally attacking me anytme i interacted with another man. He'd make reference to me being dumb, stupid, old. He'd try to make me jealous with another woman and i told him to go for it. He was devastated and shut down for a good while. When he'd go on the rampage, I'd give him the silent treatment and ignore him, simply to quiet him down and put space in between to cool off and reflect.

He never wanted to talk so he still harbors resentment over rejection and his perception of betrayal. Now, he just wants to be petty and will be extremely loud when I'm around, go out of his way to be super friendly to other people and treat me with an air of disregard, just very childish.

Scorpio men like this need to realize there's nothing attractive or mature about this and the foolish pride they treasure is the reason theyre harbor such anger. His behavior amplifies the age difference, proves he is way too young and makes me grateful we never dated. I'd much rather want someone who rejected me to think they lost a good catch rather make them feel good it didnt work out.

Scorpio zodiac sign : personality, love, life mission, health, career

Fornthe rrcord, I would confront him once we both cooled down-Im a taurus and would let him know of his faults. Because I didnt tango with him in the heat of the moment, he considered me weak, yet he'd kind of shut down and wouldn't engage. Ok, well, I'm just not the one then. This scorpio needs to grow up and get over himself.

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Learn to be honest. I hate no one worse than a liar and game players are a waste of time. A more mature and secure scorpio would do just fine. He isnt perfect but he isnt like the silly kid I described either. I opt to disagree with the loyal part. Maybe I am biased because my last bf was a total lose, manipulative and cheated on me constantly. Scorpio as he was, he was very imsecure to my Aries attitude and personality, although I was super imposing on my rules and everything but I was most loyal to him, and honestly i only had my eyes on him. I know what they say about aries women being playful and vain but I was totally crazy for this scorpio that when i broke up with him found out he was cheating on me , that it took me months to get over him.

He was like the bad guy that a good guy would fall for.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21

Another bad side to him is he gets violent when hes upset or jealous, like he cannot control himself but the aries that I am had to man it up all the time and fight him to death. Until eventually i learned to adapt to his ways, i gained the upper hand and he became more distant.

I keep reading him but nada. I gave up eventually because he was a lot of work. In fact i learned from his mother that we broke up because I had another man. I guess thats his vengeful ways making up ugly stories about me. He was quick to make his moves. He made sure I would suffer by showing off the new girl after a week of breakfast. As I summed up my relationship with a scorpio, to put it into words how could someone who makes you feel so alive kill you at the same time? I love reading about myself everyday it really helps me bring out the best of a scorpio, i must say this is one accurate article about scorpios.

From my experience with opposite sex signs thats it.

Common Male Scorpio Characteristics

Been married to a Scorpio man for lamost 46 years. A great deal of the above fits him though he does not have ambitious bone in his body. I am a Pisces and many sya we are a good match. I have a boy that scorpio sign but we always fight over and over again. I am a pisces girl. I don't believe in this stuff but a little freaky how spot on it is for me born rocktober 27th Man, this is so so true in my case. Being a Scorpio myself, I can relate to each and every trait mentioned in this wonderful article.

Shreya Ray, Keep in mind that scorpios are very passionate about a variety of things and they rarely trust people. With that in mind, if someone betrays their trust or wrongs them in any way in regards to the secrets they've entrusted in you or messed with a material item that means a lot to them, then they will hold it against you and be very vindictive about it.

Scorpio Personality

The end result will be them not trusting you with anything and will make it clear to you that you are not welcome. Hope that helps.

Scorpio Personality Traits

What is this vengeful nature I keep hearing about Scorpios?? What makes them vengeful?? Do they try to "get even" on petty matters, or do they only get revenge if someone has tried to mess up them real bad?? Don't worry.