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Aries March 21 – April 19

Keep your mind open when meetings friends of friends — you never know what awesome people you could meet! What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Start finding out more and get inspired. You might have been feeling a bit stressed out by school, but try not to let this take over! Plus, the summer holidays are getting closer by the day…. Leading the pack this week is the name of the game! Make some amazing long term goals, like writing a book or travelling the world or being an astronaut and dare to dream!

Aquarius Woman Love Advice

Astro Girl Horoscopes! Nov 16 - Find out what's going to happen this week!

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Taurus Someone will be asking you to make a big decision this week, Taurus. It is almost summer after all!

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Leo New clothes and accessories will be on your mind to make you feel glam this week! You can even take some of your old clothes and get creative… look at the DIYs for inspo! Certain angles can cause or trigger a good or bad flow of energy, that most deeply effects those born under its time.

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  7. The original source; Astrology came from India and originated from the oldest scriptures in the world called Vedas , and Ayurveda , meaning "The Science of Life. According to Ayurvedic Astrology, Western Astrology if off by about a month or so, and Geminis can be mistaken for Cancers , etc.

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    This is a big flaw, considering opposites are placed next to each other. Many people think astrology is fake, and accuse others of believing other ridiculous nonsense, likes fairies but this is often because of personal reasons, as they themselves believe other things like evolution and a world without cause. No offense, but people who do not "believe" in Astrology pay only attention to what matters go wrong on an astrological description, they are bitter, do without reason, and talk crap about what they do not understand or have tried to.

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    If one thing goes wrong they are utterly disappointed, and delve no further into the topic but choose a lifetime of insulting and spatting on Astrology. It is definitely hard to find the truth in an ocean of lies, and there is bad astrologers. Most critics are atheists who have barely had much experience with the science.

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    Palmistry , like Astrology is an occult science: it says if both of your prominent lines are close together, you are close minded. You can read and continue to think, or read and realize. This is no advertisement , but for your information. Difficult difficult lemon difficult Chocolate Sundae MAMIL Fluffer Sandwich The Situation Make It Up TTUN Sana All Tallahassee E-kid Saw Con Hippocrip Shower Baito